LED lighting kit with spray-free material

LED lighting kit with spray-free material

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         Chuangyi Plastic Co., Ltd. and Tongyi shares headquarters of the technical center, can provide customers with advanced technology development services, practitioners for many years a senior engineer team, can provide customers with design, structure, materials, production technology and other overall solutions. In recent years, Chuangyi in southern China to integrate a number of high-quality LED lighting accessories suppliers, professional processing capacity, advanced processing technology coupled with the benefits of strict process control capabilities, with the advantages of the group, mainly in the bulb package, Tube kit, downlight kit, panel lamp kit, ceiling lamp kit and other LED lighting field to provide kit services for the entire LED lighting industry chain to create value.


    LED lighting spray-free material
         Spray-free material with high quality formability, toughness, but also has excellent wear resistance, surface hardness, gloss and other advantages, to achieve high surface gloss products, scratch resistance, spray-free performance. But also to achieve the appearance of special visual effects, metal effects, flashing effect, pearl, fluorescent effect, so that street lamps, spotlights and other products with rich appearance appearance, while reducing the processing technology and reduce production costs.