Mission - Excellence in the brand to enjoy excellence in innovation, technology services

Customers are the same benefits of food and clothing parents, the customer's request is natural and reasonable, we have to meet customer needs to obtain customer satisfaction, we have to achieve customer satisfaction on the basis of customer loyalty. To help customers achieve the value of our existence is the only reason; in the industry to find and serve the outstanding manufacturers, is our primary task.

We want to "customer" awareness transferred to the internal management, through the process to achieve internal customer value chain. Regardless of what kind of position and rank, should put the customer's needs in the first place. Suppliers are our honor and disgrace business partners, we need sincere cooperation. We want to treat our partners as we treat our customers.

Vision - to help excellent brand, leading the application of materials!

We adhere to the plastic field exhibition industry, we have a professional plastic technology services, logistics services, financial services, a high degree of information to promote our marketing services, so as to pursue performance and achieve a dream. We create value for customers, the pursuit of excellence, vowing to become China's plastic supply chain leader.

Core values - one heart and one mind, new benefits

General: "like-minded" is the same behavior with the people of the highest standards of thinking, we work together for the common passion for customers and suppliers to bring value for shareholders and employees to create a rich future. And "the same heart" is the spiritual foundation of this great goal, morality, unity, innovation, passion is our success four pillars.

1. moral - talent, thanksgiving, sense of responsibility

1.1Talent view - both ability and political integrity, to Germany first

1.1.1There is talent is talent - exceptional reuse

Heroes do not ask the origin, that is: regardless of education, regardless of origin, regardless of relationship, regardless of age qualifications, as long as there is talent, in the benefits should be promoted and training opportunities.

In their own posts to make outstanding achievements of the staff is talented.

To comply with the social morality, to comply with laws and regulations, recognition and practice with the benefits of corporate culture, is virtuous.

I do not know introspection, I do not know Thanksgiving, self-expansion is not the people we need talent, found not to be retained.

1.1.2There is no merit is a mediocrity - cultivate use

Talent is able to cultivate, practice with the benefits of corporate culture, and in their own work to do real, do fine people are qualified with the benefits, should be trained and training opportunities. However, the master led the door, practicing in the individual! Those who do not have the ability to learn can not grow, and there is no value. Opportunity should be given to those who love to study, to learn people, to help them grow into pillars of the talent.

1.1.3Have no virtue is a scourge - determined not to

Those who have no virtue are more terrible than those who have no virtue. They are regular bombs in the organization. All the beneficiaries have the duty to guard such people into the organization. The relevant departments have the responsibility to make such people leave the organization as soon as possible The

Integrity is the basic tenet of the same person. Any loss of public welfare private behavior with the benefits will not tolerate, always zero tolerance. In the event of such behavior, regardless of position, relationship, historical merit, resolutely cleared! If necessary, to resort to legal responsibility, and to the community (such as associations, new employers, industry, social credit system, etc.) to publish relevant information to make social responsibility.

Against office politics, advocate sunshine, healthy, simple interpersonal atmosphere. Do not speak privately, that is not sunshine; face that do not say behind, that is not magnanimous; we call it a small circle!

Thought of leadership, but not with the benefit of thought; opinion of the leader, but all negative opinion! We call it the source of grievances.
Honesty and integrity is the same person should have the character, and cover up the truth, evasive, good news, hinder the flow of information, see the rudder is fraud! We call it cover.

The interests of the people greater than the value of things; departmental interests higher than personal interests; corporate interests higher than the interests of the sector; social interests greater than the interests of enterprises; for personal interests or honor, and abandon the interests of the company regardless of their own when the boss to the company when the big brother Man is the mountain doctrine.

Tongyi people have the ability to identify and resist the four cultural borers, everyone has the responsibility to keep the sun healthy. If someone has ulterior motives for insects, we will be mercilessly driven out of them. Because Tong Yi is our common home. Cadres should try to resolve and guide you out of these dilemmas, the timely removal of negative emotions, to seek positive and sunshine solution.

1.2 Thanksgiving - there is no real virtue without gratitude

1.2.1 Thanksgiving is the foundation of morality

We thank the business, their loyalty; thank the staff, their care; thanks to their parents, to filial piety; thanks partner, to their care; thanks colleagues, with their cooperation.

Fish know water is the source of happiness! Thanksgiving is the embodiment of the quality of life, is a positive, healthy, sunny and beautiful source, let us become open-minded people, so that we can be the end of life, is the enterprise's ethical order, let us do this; Thanksgiving is the embodiment of the quality of life, Thank you is the wisdom of life, you can eliminate grudges, wash away emotions, bring opportunities and salvation; is the moral purifier, the cause of the driving force and driving force; is the noble of human nature , But also the happiness of life because of good!

Wise is not reported "wicked"! Such people are selfish and narrow people, is often complaining about people, because they can not coordinate their relationship with others, and worry about their own, plagued others. Such a person can not handle their relationship with the customer, their relationship with the enterprise, their relationship with colleagues, their relationship with others, so the future is bleak, mistaken.

I do not know is "lack of wisdom"! Self-expansion is the dust of the burial cause! Some people can not correctly understand themselves, can not correctly understand the goodwill of others, a arrogant man is not grateful! This lack of life wisdom of the behavior, so that it is depressed, but I do not know the reason; therefore, need to learn to improve the personality!

Knowing is not "rude"! Can not be completely informed Thanksgiving brought happiness, this is a regret!

1.2.2 Thanksgiving is both sides

Employees to be grateful to the enterprise: the case of grace for the grace, our achievements is the company to pay the opportunity and cost, is the leadership to pay the feelings and energy, is the work so that we learn and grow, so, due diligence work should be Secretary for the home should be! We have to be worthy of conscience, worthy of the company! Even if we leave the company, will remember the benefits for our pay, always grateful!

The company would like to thank the staff: thank employees often overtime, thank employees in order to get the order to endure the cold, thanks to the staff due diligence to do their jobs to make the company can operate normally, thanks to the staff for the delivery of high temperature, sweat, thank employees Maintain corporate image to make personal sacrifice! We want to share the fruits of victory with the staff, to employees to create a better career and living environment!

1.2.3 Thanksgiving can not be loyalty

Thanksgiving at the same time, we have to have independent value judgments, to understand the "law is greater than the situation," the truth; to understand what is the company, really good for others, adhere to their own correct claims and thus benefit the organization and others True thanks!

1.3Responsibility --- responsibility is with the benefits of self-esteem

1.3.1For customers and suppliers: bring value

To customers and suppliers to bring value to provide customers with high-quality products and services for suppliers to open up the market, so that a reasonable return is the same with the benefits of the pursuit.

1.3.2For the staff: common growth

The company has always been committed to working with employees to grow and progress together, while creating the value of the company, concerned about the staff's sense of accomplishment and the realization of personal values, by making every employee happy work, family happiness to expand the company's social responsibility; Management system, excellent staff, to achieve sustainable development, as the development of the staff continue to provide opportunities and space.

1.3.3For the company: the courage to play, make a difference

Every beneficiaries have a high sense of responsibility, have a career ideal, and strive for the ideal. To be dedicated, courage to play, to maintain corporate image, the company development responsibility. With the benefits of people in doing things, should not prevaricate, do not pass the skin, to comply with the work of discipline, in case of problems, to ask yourself: "If this is my home, how would I do?" With the benefits of people to do: social interests greater than the interests of the company , The interests of the company is greater than the local interests, local interests greater than personal interests. Regardless of the interests of the company and fame, not as, loss of public servants private, pink peace of the people, are not with the benefits of people.

1.3.4For the community: dedication

Tongyi people love the family, the family should be responsible for the family as their own success of the backing; with the benefits of people love society, to comply with social morality, to improve the community to do a force.

2.Unity is unity

2.1Unity is a sense of mission

Tongyi people have a common dream, to achieve this dream is our mission, that is, to create a great business with the benefits; to achieve the mission of the first step is: first with the benefits of China's first plastic supply chain.

2.2Unity is to build the team

No successful individuals, only successful teams. In order to make the company have sustainable competitiveness, we have to establish a high sense of discipline, high courage, high competitiveness, high realm, a harmonious environment for cooperation, a good sense of service and skills, self-discipline style, healthy attitude , Self-confidence of faith, calm way of thinking of the professional team. This team can be vigorous to participate in the competition, there is no difficulty can not be overcome, both tenacious fighting, and understanding, full of love, full of creativity. The company respects the knowledge, respects the individuality, respects the creative consciousness of the staff, but the company does not accommodate the active staff, strikes the individual heroism, the company relies on and trusts the team's efforts, only the team's efforts and the staff progress is our career sustainable development Internal driving force.

2.3There is discipline of unity

No rules, no standards. "Teacher to the law", Yan Mingjun Ji Fang was Jagged army, the rules are not defensive is bound to become stragglers. Any damage to the company discipline, destruction of professional conduct, are the team's saboteurs.

2.4Unity is cohesion

With the benefits of people into the city, in order to achieve the dream of self-improvement; with the benefits of courageous tenacity, not afraid of failure; with the benefits of people do not loose, rushed chaos, the heart to a thought,

2.5Unity is to help

With the benefits of people not only to be immune, but also to the world. We are not only responsible for their own, the company, the colleagues and even the community are responsible. Tong Yi people to do one person difficult, P Plus support, colleagues of the pain, empathy. Unity of the enemy is a sidelines mentality, there are people on the sidelines of the mentality, not the real benefits, but the ride people. Tongyi cadres to ensure that they do not ride, but also to identify the other drivers. On the same benefits, we have two options: either wholeheartedly joined with the benefits, or leave.

3.Passion ---- passion achievement dream

3.1There is hope there is passion

Lofty ambition is the fertile fertile soil, passion is a great power, enough to achieve dreams. With the benefits of people will be self-motivated, there is always a dream to achieve the enthusiasm; with the benefit is always the entrepreneur, here is not for the cowards, lazy, selfish, conspirators, slow people to provide living space, only full of passion and blood With the benefits of people, it may be here like a duck, free ride. In the same virtual virtual time people are sorry for the same benefits, but also sorry for ourselves, we do not need time to spend time people.

3.2Passion is dare to dare to do

With the beneficiaries to dare to dare to do, dare to challenge the status quo, dare to challenge the history, dare to challenge seemingly impossible to complete the lofty goals in communication and discussion in the face of the problem and the fact that the objective attitude rather than the right , Sophistry to adhere to their own, suppress others, we will put a lot of usually in their stomachs embarrassed to say it out loud, in a transparent atmosphere of mutual inspiration, mutual encouragement.

3.3Passion is execution

We do it now, do it today, let us be more simple, think the problem is more direct, communicate more sincere, collaboration more closely; let us walk faster, speak faster, think faster, action Faster, Bing your speed, fast to play with the power of the core should be the same source.

3.4Cadres must have passion

With the cadres of the hearts of cadres, there is always a flame in the burning, to help employees on the foot of the winding, so that they by leaps and bounds; to keep the passion to lead people to stimulate people, to stimulate the hope and hope for the prospects, have a good hope and power The We have to reward the achievements, excellent experience, encourage beyond, for the growth of men who are proud of the task of cadres is a hand grasping the seeds, the other hand holding water and fertilizer, so that your company development, so that people around you Continue to develop and innovate, not control the people around you. If the quality of those who are successful, that is, they are more passionate than others.

4.Innovation --- the soul of innovation spawned a vibrant life

4.1The foundation of innovation is learning

Under the knowledge economy, the competition of enterprises is not only the competition of products and technology, but also the competition of talents, which is the competition of learning ability. Tong Yi to become a learning organization to enhance competitiveness. With the benefits of people should always keep learning mentality, to promote staff life-long learning and self-learning, vision and awe-inspiring knowledge, learn every day, always use, thinking everywhere, we should build the same benefits into a production of high-quality talent production line, Learning opportunities and conditions; with the benefits of people to accumulate experience and create knowledge, and continuously improve the competitiveness of enterprises proud, to not think of, do not love learning, delay enterprises, harm themselves ashamed.

4.2The essence of innovation is transcendence

Innovation is born, conservative is dead With the beneficiaries dare to challenge the status quo, have the spirit of adventure, to dare to self-criticism, self-denial, self-criticism and self-improvement in the progress; with good people with goodwill and open mind to face the views of others, can unite different opinions People work together; with the benefits of a strong sense of crisis, be vigilant, challenge themselves, the pursuit of stronger and better.

4.3Cadres have a sense of mission to innovation

Tongyi cadres should take the lead in trying to innovate, encourage bold attempts, tolerant innovation in the process of mistakes, in the system to ensure innovation, in the mechanism to stimulate innovation, attention to innovation in the concept of innovation in action.

4.4Innovation creates value for customers

Whether innovation is successful, whether it is novel, ingenious or scientific, but whether it can win the market, create value for customers and suppliers.

Conclusion: home culture

Tong Yi culture in the final analysis is the home culture, that is, through thick and thin! We are on the difficulties, mutual loyalty, never give up; we build a home, create a future, share the victory results; we in everyone, enjoy the warmth of life.