Participate in the times Kaihua training news


The face of the economic winter, how should we deal with? Is it alone, since the door before the snow? Or mutual benefit, to ride out the storm?
Two days of the era of Kaihua training, let us find the answer ... ...
March 7-8, with the benefits of the company headquarters headquarters staff, business people and management personnel, participated in the era of Kaihua Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. two days of training.
Although the use of weekend training, but the students are still enthusiastic, because in today's economic situation is so grim, the company will improve the quality of staff in the first place, we feel extremely moved and cherished.
The first day for the devil training, the main task is to have only one phone and an identity card in the case, from the Higher Vocational College to reach Huaqiang North, to help others complete their wishes, and to return to the provisions of the time vocational colleges , And are not allowed to borrow and mortgage the way. The group in a different way to complete the task, within the specified time back to the classroom, the audience burst into warm applause. Sharing process, we moved and guilty, but also learn and understand a lot of reason, in the difficult trend, to unite, fully tap the potential, break through the self, in order to gain more.
The next day's training theme is adversity comeback, win.
Adversity comeback mainly tells us that we can harvest in good times, adversity how to turn things around, when the economic recession, how to survive in adversity.
Through the red and black card game, the interpretation of the true meaning of winning, only cast a friendly black ticket, in exchange for others friendly, so as to achieve a real win-win situation.
In all the students of the film nostalgia, two days of training draw a perfect end. Although we are physically tired, but we are high-spirited; although the economy is declining, but we are full of confidence; we firmly believe that as long as we unite as one, firm belief, we will be able to create a better tomorrow.
The train carrying a full training fruit, toward the goal, brave and firmly into the night, like the benefits!