"Neighborhood music" fun games


On the afternoon of Oct. 22, the Division participated in the "Friendship Fun Games" between the company and the company organized by the neighborhood committee of the Jian'an Community Committee. The activities were interpreted in unity and cooperation with the beneficiaries, Hard work team spirit.
In today's society want to have achievements, we must learn to cooperate, and in the fun of the Games I Division of all the staff will be "cooperation" embodied the spirit of the most vividly.
Everyone encouraged each other before the game.


In particular, the first project "tug of war", the Division I "unity and cooperation" and "concentric" spirit embodied particularly prominent.


  In the "two three feet" game, our staff are actively involved, but also reflects the degree of cooperation between two people, the players shouting neat and bright slogans, at this time they are thinking, action, Teammates tacit understanding to the extreme.




  This fun movement will not only share happiness with everyone, but also enhance the friendship between each other.
   This fun movement for everyone to lay a mutual understanding with friends outside the platform.
   The fun of the Games, although not the "Beijing Olympic Games" highly competitive, did not see how vigorous heroic. But the fun movement will have unlimited happiness, there are many lively and happy figure beating around you and me. This is a rich spirit of the feast, the participants have been from the endless happiness.
   Finally, I led the Secretary for the various prizes received with the community leaders of the neighborhood committee photo.



       Tug of war project award ceremony (Tong Yi company won the third runner-up)
Zhang yang